Abbotts Creek Trail – Blue Heron Haven

It’s that time of year folks.  The Blue Heron have begun nesting again along one of District B’s gems – the Abbotts Creek Trail.  The trail is a spur off of the Neuse River Greenway in North Raleigh.

There is a convenient parking lot at the very end of Bedfordtown Drive.  After parking your car, follow the path to the T.  Take a right and you are now on the Neuse River Greenway.  Follow the greenway a short distance (you will cross one bridge) and you will come upon Abbotts Creek Trail on the right.  It is well marked with a trail sign.  Follow Abbotts Creek until you reach a long bridge that spans a wide swampy area.  The herons will be in the trees to your left.  If at first you don’t see them, simply wait.  One will soon fly in for a landing.  And you can’t help but hear them.

Be sure to bring binoculars for the best view.  The photos below were taken with a 250mm zoom lens.