I sent the following email to the City Manager just now and copied the Mayor and the rest of Council:

Mr. Hall,

Last night I was informed by one of my neighbors that Z-15-16 was updated to PD on the City’s current development webpage. According to the date on the website, the update was available or posted to the website January 26. I received no notification that I am aware of about this update.

One thing that I would like to add for our retreat agenda is how council members can be notified and informed of activity that is of interest to them. As a district Councilor, I like to know when activities happen in District B. For example, when zoning requests are added or changed in District B, I would like to receive notification. Similarly, when capital improvement projects in District B are started or reach milestones, I would like to be notified. Another example is the sidewalks being installed on New Hope Church Rd. I only learned about their construction because I happened to drive by that location and noticed it.

Regarding Z-15-16, I took a look at it and I find no significant differences. It continues to allow a 50,000 square foot grocery anchor store, allows extensive other retail, continues to have a huge traffic impact, and does not address – intentionally ignores – the 40% forestation requirement. In short, the proposal changes the character of the area too much. Furthermore, this update was submitted without any interaction whatsoever with the community.

I am seriously considering making a motion at our next Council meeting to deny this case.

David Cox

Raleigh City Council Member, District B