History Lessons

Last fall City Council formed the Citizen Engagement Task Force (aka CETF). Soon, a recommendation from CETF will be presented to City Council (spoiler alert: no provision for citizens to vote on rezoning requests).

When the CETF recommendations become available we will all have a chance to discuss and debate them. To aid the discussion and debate, it is important to review the history that led up to the formation of the CETF and the resulting recommendations.

The history is just long enough and complex enough that it cannot be easily summarized in a single post on Facebook. It will have to be presented as a series of several posts. You will recognize these posts because they will each begin with the words HISTORY LESSON.

Because this is a Facebook group, you will be able to contribute to these lessons. You will be able to add information and perspective. You will be able to correct mistakes or inaccurate information. You will be able (aghast!) to provide your opinions.

Here are some tentative titles for these lessons:

Let’s Have An Investigation
There’s A Storm In North Raleigh
Old People And Their Home Made Signs
Amateur Night at the RCAC
Strangers On A Train To Charlotte
A Modest Proposal
Just Because Others Go To CAC Meetings Doesn’t Mean You Can