I Announce that I will Seek Election Again to Raleigh City Council


For the past year-and-a-half I have been privileged and honored to represent District B on the Raleigh City Council.  I am extremely grateful for the support that I have received from so many throughout these many months. In recent weeks, many people across the city have graciously reached out and asked that I consider another term in office. In answer of these requests, today I announce that I will seek election again to Raleigh City Council this October.

Citizen Engagement

Many of the reasons I ran for political office for the very first time in my life in 2015 remain driving factors in my decision to run again.  In my time representing District B, I’ve done my best to serve my constituents and the interests of all Raleigh residents.

To make myself available to more people I have used technology such as social media to help District B residents stay connected – with me and with each other.  Rather than simply issuing statements and occasional press releases, I have facilitated conversations where people share ideas, and opinions as well as voicing concerns and/or questions to me. To that end, nearly 500 people have joined me in the District B Facebook group for near daily discussions about countless topics.

As a city councilor, I also receive hundreds of emails nearly every week, with the majority thoughtfully reflecting people’s genuine concerns for their neighborhoods and the city. Since taking office in December 2015, I’ve also met in person or spoken by phone with many more residents. I appreciate meeting others who share a common desire for citizens and government to work together for the betterment of Raleigh.

Beyond connecting through technology, I regularly attend meetings of Citizen Advisory Councils (CACs), civic groups, HOAs, and neighborhoods. I’ve noticed that people are coming out in greater numbers because of a concern that their voices are not being heard.  I view my role as Council Member as being the voice of all citizens. To be the best that Raleigh can be, and the best that City Council can be, we must listen to citizens and govern accordingly.

Where Do We Grow from Here?

Raleigh continues to grow because it is a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family. We have great schools, colleges and universities; excellent venues for the arts, music, and sports; parks and greenways and an outstanding quality of life. Raleigh is a world-class city that is literally the envy of much of the country. It didn’t happen by accident.  Raleigh is great because of its citizens with their diverse backgrounds, wide-ranging interests, skills and strengths that they bring to the community.

One of the most common concerns that people share with me is growth and development.  The city continues to grow at an astounding pace. And, with astounding growth comes disruptive change. What will Raleigh be like in ten or twenty years?

In my view, the key to Raleigh’s future is a partnership of government and residents. The key to growing responsibly is citizens’ involvement and my message to Raleigh residents is simple:  YOU should frame what is the right growth for your neighborhood and for the city. As elected officials, our responsibility is to respect and reflect your vision.

Therefore, to me it’s straightforward:  the future of Raleigh depends on all of US. The future cannot simply be in the hands of a few wealthy and/or influential individuals. The simple truth is Raleigh has run out of land. We face many factors as a rapidly growing city, like bigger and taller buildings, large shopping centers, sprawling parking lots, light pollution, noise, increasing crime, traffic congestion, air pollution, and limited environmental resources.

Deciding how we grow, where we grow, and the quality of that growth requires the involvement of all of us. I am committed to ensuring that the people of Raleigh have the opportunity to speak up, be heard, and be included on important issues – especially how Raleigh grows.

To that end, I support strong citizen engagement including grassroots, citizen-led Advisory Councils – a Raleigh institution for citizen engagement for more than 40 years. Through Raleigh’s 19 CACs, citizens have participated in a wide range of issues and contributed to the city we are today. I want to see this process strengthened and ensure that Raleigh residents will participate for the next 40 years as well.

Message to Raleigh Voters

By truly engaging you, the people who have helped make Raleigh the best place to live in America, I know we also can grow Raleigh great for tomorrow. I am committed to ensuring that your voice continues to be heard and that your right to vote on and participate in important matters will continue as we grow the city together.

Citizens’ voices must be heard not only in private at the kitchen table but also publicly at the Council table. That idea inspired my decision to seek office in 2015. This October I seek re-election to Raleigh City Council to continue the work we have started together.

I am running for City Council to ensure that Raleigh’s citizens – all of us – have a voice in Raleigh’s future. Please join me and together, we can grow Raleigh great!

David Cox, Ph.D.
Raleigh City Council Member, District B