On Charlottesville

I grew up in a small conservative town well before the Internet and all the electronic diversions that we have today. I spent much of my time attending Church be it regular services, Sunday School, Sunday night youth groups, etc.

The lesson stressed by my parents, my grandparents, my teachers, and my mentors more than any other was, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

There were no qualifications to this lesson. It was not love some neighbors better than others. It certainly was not hate some neighbors.

When people march in support of one race over another or one religion over another, or one group over another, that is an affront to the most important lesson that I learned as a child and is an affront to what I stand for today.

I will do what I can as a Councilor, as a citizen, and as a person to fight hate and to ensure that all our children will have a future of equality and compassion – hard as that might seem today.

Thank you for listening.