Thank You to the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association for Their Endorsement!

I am very grateful to receive the endorsement of the Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association.

The RWCA has been a longtime non-partisan advocate for improving life for minorities and and underserved communities. In August the RWCA sponsored a Candidates Forum in conjunction with the Wake County Voter Education Coalition, NC Black Women Empowerment Network and members of Raleigh/Wake Pan Hellenic Council.

Candidates answered questions pertaining to a host of issues affecting Raleigh ranging from citizens engagement to affordable housing. It is an honor to be recognized by the RWCA as someone who can help lead the city in addressing these important issues.

Candidates at the SE Raleigh Community Candidates Forum. Photo Credit: Edward Jones

Candidates endorsed by the RWCA general membership for Raleigh City Council include:

Charles T. Francis, Mayor

Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi – At Large Member

Russell Stephenson – At Large Member

David Cox – District B Representative

Corey Branch – District C Representative

Kay Crowder – District D Representative

Stefanie Mendell – District E Representative

The RWCA meets monthly on the third Thursday of each month at Martin Street Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC.  Residents of Raleigh and Wake County are invited to meetings to share concerns, receive information, and to advocate for progressive policies that positively impact the community.