December 2017 Town Hall

I will be hosting a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, December 2nd at 9am at the Abbott’s Creek Community Center located at 9950 Durant Road.

The purpose of the meeting is to focus on issues important to the portion of District B that I will refer to as Falls North. This is the area north of I540 from Falls of Neuse to Capital Blvd. What is happening in Falls North? What needs to be done to move forward? How can you get involved?

Some topics on the agenda include the following:

  • The widening of Falls of Neuse Road
  • The transformation of Capital Blvd into a freeway
  • Northern Wake County Transportation
  • Public transit in northern District B
  • The Falls of Neuse Small Area Plan
  • Raven Ridge rezoning
  • The next phase of Forest Ridge Park
  • The future of the Leonard Tract
  • Long range development of Falls North

Future Town Halls will focus on other parts of District B. In January I will be planning a Town Hall for the Brentwood area of District B. I will work around the District in the first quarter of 2018 to meet residents throughout District B.