Council Improves Bike Safety

At Tuesday’s Meeting, Council unanimously approved a recommended bike plan for 11 out of 13 streets by providing striped bike lanes.

In the two remaining cases the recommendation was to eliminate parking on one side of the street and reserve the space for a dedicated bike lane. In those cases, we opted to keep the parking.

The two streets were Glen Eden and Spruce Tree Way.

For Glen Eden there will continue to be a bike lane and parking on one side of the street (as they co-exist today) and parking and a “bike sharrow” on the other side. Spruce Tree Way is a much narrower street and the option was to use bike sharrows only.

It is notable that some studies indicate that sharrows are not correlated with fewer accidents. On the other hand, some studies suggest that they are safer


but not quite as safe as bike lanes with restricted parking.

To play it safe (pardon the pun) we opted to provide the sharrows for the two streets.

Overall, I think that what Council adopted will lead to greater bike safety on our streets.

Thank you!

Here is a list of streets that will get the lanes and markings

  • Arco Corporate Drive, from 8081 to 8001
  • Arnold Palmer Drive from Brier Club Lane to Brier Creek Parkway
  • Common Oaks Drive from Falls of Neuse Road to 370 feet west of Popes Creek Drive
  • Corporate Center Drive from Chapel Hill Road to Trinity Road
  • Country Trail from Pinecrest Drive to Glenwood Avenue
  • Crabtree Boulevard from Raleigh Boulevard to Capital Boulevard
  • Forest Pines Drive from Common Oaks Drive to Wakefield Plantation Circle
  • Glen Eden Drive from Glenwood Avenue to Ridge Road
  • Ileagnes Road from Wyncote Drive to South Saunders Street
  • Lineberry Drive from Joanne Drive to Bliss Street
  • Marvino Lane from Country Trail to Ebenezer Church Road
  • Morningside Drive from Blue Ridge Road to Wycliff Road
  • Spruce Tree Way from Falls of Neuse Road to Wakefield Pines Drive