Achieving Diversity

The topic of achieving and ensuring diversity on the city’s boards and commissions has come up recently. This is an important topic and as a result I have had discussions with other City Council members and the City Attorney about how best to achieve this goal.

Importantly, the Constitution prohibits discrimination. However, we can still take steps to ensure equal opportunity and I’ve been looking into best practices to ensure that everyone does, in fact, have real and meaningful equal opportunity. Importantly, the City Attorney has offered to help. So, here is my email to her and the rest of Council this morning to start a discussion at the Council level.

I welcome your thoughts and will keep you posted as this unfolds.

As always, thank you for your input. You can email your thoughts and ideas to

My email to the City Attorney and Council:

I would definitely like to have a more in depth discussion about achieving diversity. First, achieving diversity is an important goal and one I support. Our boards and commissions should reflect the diversity of our community. I have begun looking into ways we can achieve this goal and am mindful of your caution about the courts. That said, some ideas that I have read about are

– improving communications to ensure that all citizens are aware of the opportunities on our boards and commissions

– reaching out to various communities and organizations directly to ensure that they and their members are aware of the opportunities

– being clear about desired qualifications

– perhaps changing our process to eliminate our nomination of candidates and simply voting for those who apply

Of course, these are just some suggestions. I would welcome a more comprehensive discussion. Could the City Attorney’s office lead this?