I am humbled and grateful to have served on Council these past four years. Whether it is in emails, phone calls, at Citizens Advisory Council, City Council and Committee meetings, or a chance encounter, I truly thank you for the many kind words, wishes, and encouragement that I have received.

We live together in a great city with great neighborhoods, schools, universities and colleges, art and music venues, parks and greenways. Raleigh is one of the best places to live in the world because of its citizens with their diverse backgrounds and wide-ranging interests who are engaged and bring their skills and strengths to the community.

Because Raleigh is such a great place to live, the city has continued to grow. Growth and development remain the city’s biggest challenges. To ensure that we grow better for all people, City Council needs your input, your guidance, and your support. But for that to matter, you need a City Council that will truly listen and support you in return.

When first elected in 2015, my goal was to listen and be as engaged as possible with everyone. Going forward I renew that commitment and seek another opportunity serve you as your representative on City Council.

Therefore, today I formally announce my candidacy to run for re-election as City Council Member for Raleigh’s District B. Please cast your vote for me this October 2019.

Thank you.
David Cox