Important Sidewalk Policy Change

Special thank you to the residents of the Neuse Crossing community who recently met with me to discuss issues important to their neighborhood. It is through such meetings and discussions that policies can be changed and improved. Here is their story…

Within Raleigh citizens can request sidewalks for their neighborhoods. When doing so, the request is ranked with other requests and placed on a list for implementation.

However, there was an important exception. For various historical reasons, some neighborhood streets are state maintained. The City’s policy regarding sidewalk requests did not extend to state maintained streets even though those streets are in the city limits and serving Raleigh citizens.

To me this was a contradiction because the City does, in fact, install sidewalks on state maintained streets. There are sidewalks on roads such as Falls of Neuse, Atlantic Avenue, and even Capital Blvd. In fact, the City recently installed sidewalks on Capital near Triangle Town Center through a city initiated project.

Recently, residents of the Neuse Crossing neighborhood pointed out to me that their request for sidewalks several years ago was denied. This neighborhood is at the corner of Mitchell Mill and Louisburg roads and has curb and gutter neighborhood streets but no sidewalks. And, yes, after looking into the situation, I discovered that the reason was because the Neuse Crossing neighborhood streets are state maintained.

I am pleased to announce that yesterday I introduced a motion to revise our policy to accept sidewalk requests even for state maintained streets. There aren’t many such neighborhoods in the city. But with this policy change they, too, will be able to request sidewalks for their neighborhoods and for their safety and the safety of their families.