Election Ramifications

Election Ramifications…

Thank you again for re-electing me to represent Raleigh City Council, District B. I really am honored for your trust in me.

I should be elated for this victory. Instead am the exact opposite. I find the loss of Russ Stephenson, Kay Crowder, and Stef Mendell and the elevation of Mary-Ann Baldwin as Mayor and the election of a pro-development Council devastating.

Here is some of what I anticipate will happen.

Funding and resources for our Citizens Advisory Councils will be eliminated effectively ending CACs as a vehicle for citizens engagement.

Our sign ordinance will be gutted to allow large screen advertising downtown and throughout the city.

Falls of Neuse as well as several neighborhood streets throughout North Raleigh will be green lighted to be widened to six lanes.

There will be more development like the Sheetz at Falls of Neuse and Wakefield Pines where the trees are stripped out. The next to go will be Raven Ridge and Falls of Neuse near the Annie Wilkerson Nature Preserve.

Our fire and police will continue to be understaffed, underfunded, and under appreciated.

The quarry will move ahead at Umstead State Park and the City of Raleigh will forever be excluded from decisions regarding the RDU Airport.

As grateful as I am to have been re-elected, I fully realize that I will now be but one person on Council and powerless to affect decisions.

I am sorry for being so blunt about this situation. But I am not going to shy away now from communicating with you and being honest about how I see things happening.

David Cox

Raleigh City Council, District B