How District B Voted

In a municipal election every citizen can vote for the Mayor, two At-Large Councilors, and a District Councilor.

On election day, I ran as District B Councilor and won 14 out of 18 precincts. For the four precincts that I lost, I lost them by a total of 34 votes. These election day results do not include early voting which I won by nearly 60%. It is quite likely that after early voting is tabulated by precinct, that I will have won all 18 precincts.

The table above does not include early voting results – only election day results. Stewart won 16 of the 18 precincts. Stephenson won two precincts outright and won second place for another 11. For Mayor, Francis won 14 of 18 precincts. At this time, the early voting results are not broken out by precinct. However, the two early voting sites closest to District B were Green Road and Millbrook Exchange. Francis won Green Road 804 to 456 and lost Millbrook Exchange 904 to 1055.

In summary, District B voted for two candidates (Stewart and myself) who won and two (Francis and Stephenson) who did not win.

Overall, the Mayor’s race shows, as it did in 2017, a city divided. Here is the map:

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