Staying True to My Commitments

The N&O’s Ned Barnett writes, “Council member David Cox survived the push for change, a push largely triggered by a split in the council he helped create.”

This one sentence begs a lot of questions.

Who pushed for the change?
Who split with whom on Council?
How did I trigger the split?

For anyone paying attention, the answers are obvious. Nancy and Ron McFarlane pushed for the change. The split on Council was caused by Nancy’s split with nearly everyone on Council. That split was exacerbated by Ron’s physical and verbal assault of Kay Crowder, a direct result of the McFarlane’s preoccupation of their importance to the city.

As for me, I simply got along with the majority on Council. Being friends with and working with Russ, Kay, Stef, and Dickie to find solutions to scooters, ADUs, short term rentals, and a host of other issues was my crime.

The voters of District B understood my commitments and my ability to work well with others on Council for their interests. On election day, I won 14 out of 18 precincts. For the four precincts that I lost, I lost them by a total of 34 votes.

But then, these election day results do not include early voting which I won by nearly 60%. It is quite possible that after early voting is tabulated by precinct, that I will have won all 18 precincts.

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