Falls of Neuse is now a Parkway

At our last City Council meeting we adopted a change to designate Falls of Neuse from the Neuse River to Capital Blvd as a Parkway.

What this means is that future development of Falls of Neuse in this area must require substantial trees and vegetation. In other words, no more Sheetz like developments in the corridor.

From the motion that established the Parkway:

WHEREAS, the presence of significant amounts of greenery along major roads is a defining element of the Falls North area, and one of the primary goals of the Falls North Area Specific Guidance adopted as an addition to the 2030 Comprehensive Plan is to maintain and enhance that park-like feel; and

WHEREAS, this goal is accomplished through a series of policies that relate to tree preservation, particularly along the edges of main corridors such as Falls of Neuse Road, and through the Parkway Corridor designation on the Urban Form Map; and WHEREAS, this amendment to the Comprehensive Plan will expand that policy guidance to additional locations; and

WHEREAS, these amendments were reviewed and discussed with public input; then THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA that the 2030 Comprehensive Plan be amended to include the edits identified as CP-10-19 as shown.