Our Homeless Children

ABC 11 is reporting a sharp rise in homeless children in Wake County – many of whom live in Raleigh’s District B along Capital Blvd and New Bern. According to the story, the Wake County Public School System identified more than 4,000 homeless children. That is nearly double the number identified in 2014/2015.

Here are the numbers over the past five years.

2018-2019 – 4,365

2017-2018 – 3,989

2016-2017 – 3,465

2015-2016 – 2,940

2014-2015 – 2,736

Providing a safe and healthy home to every child in Raleigh and Wake County should be our number one priority. They cannot wait any longer. We cannot lose so many children to poverty.

It is a complete disgrace.

Read more at ABC 11’s website: https://abc11.com/society/wake-co-experiencing-sharp-rise-in-homelessness-among-kids/5699836/