We Need More Public Safety

It has been reported to me that last night in Bedford a ten year old child was struck by a car while trick-or-treating. This follows a meeting earlier this week about traffic calming. Repeatedly I hear that our streets are not safe largely because too many people are speeding. I do not know the details of what happened last night in Bedford and cannot say if speeding was involved. Regardless, I repeatedly hear from citizens that we are not doing enough to enforce our speed limits.

We hear repeatedly from the City Manager and the management side of City government that we do not have enough officers to provide traffic enforcement that will lead to better observation of speed limits. To address this deficiency I have requested a budget note to determine what resources we lack and what it would cost to close the gap.

In addition to hiring officers and dedicating them to traffic enforcement, I invariably hear the request that we use speed cameras to enforce our speed limits. As of today the State of North Carolina does not allow the use of speed cameras. I think the time has come to reconsider this prohibition.

Speed cameras can be there when an officer cannot. When used, they are effective tool to ensure compliance with the posted speed limit. And the entire goal of ensuring compliance is to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

Bottom line is that we need help from the State Legislature to allow the City of Raleigh to deploy speed cameras. Speeding is not only an inconvenience. It is a problem with real consequences. Contact your State Representative today to see if we can make this change.