RDU Quarry at Umstead State Park – Call for Action

The following is a post to take action on RDU Airport Authority’s plans for a quarry and now a chain linked fence with barbed wire on top. This was originally posted on Facebook by John Hite of Durham. Thank you John for compiling this background information and call for action.

Please share the link to this page. If you don’t live in Raleigh, please share and ask people to take notice of what is happening in Raleigh and how local officials are allowing (largely through inaction) an environmental disaster adjacent to one of North Carolina’s most important state parks.

ARE YOU WRITING YOUR LETTERS? Don’t expect others to fight your fight and have it be enough. We all need to be vocal not just in this forum but other social media and through direct contact with local media and government officials.

Here is the one that I just sent:

RDUAA Perpetuating Lies

I guess they think if they say it out loud it will be perceived as true? NO! THEY ARE LYING and OMITTING FACTS. RDUAA is now engaged in what is clearly a smear campaign against local residents who just want what’s best for the area (RDU included).

In yesterday’s meeting, they said:

1 – The fence is going to be 6′ tall. WRONG. They have put out for bid an 8′ fence with 3 rows of barbed wire ON TOP OF the 8′.

2 – They are declaring a few hiking/biking trails an environmental disaster BUT destroying the Odd Fellows Tract with a 400′ deep quarry isn’t?

3 – The 286 trails are a liability? Then why is part of the agreement for trails to be built at that location?

4 – RDUAA refers to the land as “airport property.” It is not. It is deeded to Raleigh, Durham, Wake County and Durham County.

5 – RDUAA keeps going on about how they need money but they are spending $2.4 million (last quote I heard) on the fence AND they now say they are going to have patrols on 4 wheelers providing security — how much is that going to cost?

6 – “Sandifer said state officials have told the airport that the trails violate environmental rules designed to protect streams in the Neuse River basin.” That’s an incredible statement considering a few months ago the RDUAA tried to get excepted from those same buffers. Which is it? Are the buffers important or not? Are they only important when the RDUAA says they are?

7 – They go on about being sued by trespassing bikers/hikers. Has that happened? Nope. Does it happen in the real world? Nope. From a legal site:

“It is incredibly rare for a trespasser to successfully sue a property owner for an injury, but it is not unheard of. Generally speaking, if someone trespasses on your property and they get hurt, you will not be liable. You are free from blame unless:

You have acted violently or aggressively toward the intruder, which causes injury. You have been grossly negligent and/or expect that trespassers may enter your property. For instance, if you know about a serious property hazard and you take no steps to post a warning, you could be liable.”

8 – If the RDUAA is so worried about the environmental impact of the hiking/biking trails, then why is their long term plan to either allow Wake Stone to expand onto more of this property and/or clear it and turn it into a parking lot?

John Hite
Resident of Durham


This was sent to the online contact form at the Governor’s office and these people:


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