Thank You David Novak

Two years ago David Novak was nominated for and elected to the Raleigh Planning Commission. During the past two years David has served faithfully by attending 25 of 26 meetings which are typically held at 9am and at 4pm during the work day.

David is a long time and beloved resident of District D and has seen Raleigh grow tremendously during his life. I have known David as someone who cares deeply about his neighbors, his community, and the entire city. He has been involved many civic activities.

During his two years on the Planning Commission David has been fair and objective in his evaluations of rezoning requests. He has fairly and objectively evaluated each proposal for its consistency with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and for its public benefits.

David has been and will continue to be a tremendous asset to Raleigh.

David, thank you so much for your service. It was an honor for me to vote for your appointment two years ago and for your reappointment for another two years. I regret that the reappointment didn’t happen but I look forward to your service to the city in whatever capacity you might choose in the future.