The News & Observer and the 2019 City Council Election

Setting the record straight…

During the campaign for City Council I wrote to Ned Barnett, Opinion Editor for the News & Observer, asking if the newspaper will interview candidates as done during past elections.

Mr. Barnett wrote back indicating that they would not conduct interviews. As far as I know, no non-mayoral candidates were interviewed. A few weeks later Mr. Barnett called for the removal of half of City Council including myself.

Here is my email exchange with Mr. Barnett regarding my inquiry about conducting interviews. To my knowledge, Mr. Barnett attended one forum. I don’t recall him asking questions.

Aside – during my first campaign in 2015 Mr. Barnett endorsed my opponent. In 2019, he called for my removal from Council. I won my first election in 2015 and this year won every precinct in my District.



My plan is to attend the candidate forums and maybe ask questions afterward.

Ned Barnett


On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 7:20 AM David Cox <> wrote:

Hi Ned,

Will the N&O be conducting candidate interviews this year as in the past? I haven’t heard anything and want to be sure I didn’t miss an opportunity.


David Cox, PhD
Raleigh City Council

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