2/4/2020 – Raleigh City Council Kills Citizen Advisory Councils

A meeting of the North Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council

Let the date, February 4, 2020 be forever in your memories. That is the date that Raleigh City Council voted to kill Raleigh’s Citizen Advisory Councils.

I am the elected representative for District B. I represent the northeastern section of Raleigh, North Carolina on the City Council. I was re-elected in October of 2019 winning every precinct in the District.

I was not informed and I was intentionally kept in the dark.

You, the citizens of Raleigh, were not informed and intentionally kept int the dark.

Without announcement, without being on the agenda, without a single public meeting, without any public input, a motion was made by Saige Martin and Seconded by Nicole Stewart to end Raleigh’s Citizen Advisory Councils (CACs) by cutting off all city resources and ordering that the Planning Commission ignore any recommendations from the CACs.

I vigorously opposed this surprise move and voted against it with objection.

What this move does is to prevent City staff from meeting with any citizens. There will be no future meetings regarding rezonings, parks, sidewalks, traffic calming, road improvements, and a myriad other issues. Council strictly forbid staff from meeting with the public.

Going forward, I will hold my own public meetings. I will continue to request, as City Council Member, for staff attendance at those meetings. At one time, there was an active organization called the North Raleigh Coalition of Homeowners in the area (known as NORCHOA). Although NORCHOA has not been active in lieu of public CAC meetings, the organization still exists. I will be working with them to organize future public meetings.

More to come.

David Cox, Raleigh City Council.