Ending Single Family Zoning: Your Opinion Matters

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Historically, Raleigh's zoning ordinance has allowed properties to be zoned only for single family home - in other words only single family homes can be constructed on those properties. In general, entire neighborhoods have been zoned only for single family homes.

Recently, on July 7th, City Council voted to end single family zoning. On July 7th Council voted to allow so-called "cottage courts" to be constructed on properties that were previously reserved for single family homes.

A "cottage court" is a type of multi-unit housing.  Under the new rules that were adopted, up to 30 units can now be built on property that had previously been reserved for single family homes.

Do you agree or disagree with this decision?

4 Replies to “Ending Single Family Zoning: Your Opinion Matters”

  1. Please do not bring down the value of our homes by allowing cottage type homes within single-family zoning. There should be separate areas for multifamily homes.

  2. Development needs to be planned properly. Simply squeezing higher density living into an existing area is just bound to cause more issues such as parking. No doubt this will lead to more street parking for both the residents as well as visitors to these homes. Unless the streets are sufficiently wide, the increased number of street parked cars will make traversing these roads more difficult. Often two way roads can become almost single lane for long stretches.

    Excessive street parking also created pedestrian/child/pet risks as they are more likely to enter the road unseen with a large number of cars, especially larger cars such as vans/trucks.

    This can also impact things such as the need for new schools in a given area.

    It is one thing to look at a particular area and based upon analysis say, yes this area is an area which could support increased density with a few properly placed cottage homes verus simply allowing them in general everywhere without proper impact analysis that the areas infrastructure from roads to schools will not cause a significant negative impact.

    Development should be planned based on improving the raleigh versus simply allowing haphazard development with forethought.

  3. So the “attack” on the suburb is true. Families want single family homes. You have given into the developers and investors and have not taken into consideration the wants of your constituents Quiet “neighborhoods” non crowded schools, “green” areas. We appreciate appropriate zoning laws.

  4. Who are these people making outrageous decisions without putting any consideration into the existing residence that want to keep their location as a single family community.

    I am flabbergasted that majority of the members of this committee continue to vote on their own accord without actually representing “we the people” .

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