Downtown South – Z-13-2020

The following images are slides that present information about the Downtown South rezoning request in Raleigh, NC.

Most rezoning requests ask for a change in entitlements. Often these entitlements pertain to the kinds of uses that are allowed and/or the heights that are allowed. In some cases the uses are restricted to residential uses. In other cases the uses are expanded to include commercial and/or institutional uses. Maximum heights will also vary. In Raleigh certain zoning districts allow up to 40 story buildings.

In this particular case, the requested outcome is for a mix of residential, office, and commercial uses and heights up to 40 stories. These are considered to be maximum entitlements.

This case also comes with a set of conditions that limit the entitlements under certain circumstances. For example, certain uses are prohibited and heights are prohibited provided certain conditions are met. Also included are conditions that pertain to the management of storm water to mitigate possible downstream flooding.

The properties under consideration for rezoning are also located south of downtown Raleigh. They are near historically Black neighborhoods. It is anticipated that this rezoning will result in the construction of thousands of luxury residential units which will raise property values. A major concern is that low income families who rent in the area will eventually be forced to move as property values rise and more properties are redeveloped – gentrification with displacement.

There are also concerns about the road infrastructure, a dramatic increase in the traffic, and the impact of this traffic on nearby neighborhoods.

In the following slide, the highlighted properties are adjacent to the subject property (which is to the north). What the condition says is that maximum heights are 12 stories for a distance of 180 feet from the property line.

In the following slides, the highlighted properties are the subject properties.

In the following you will see Tier 3 site plan mentioned. What is a Tier 3 site plan? At the moment I do not know. But I will update this post as soon as I find out.