Statement on Events in Washington

What happened yesterday in our nation’s capital was inexcusable. Doors and windows were smashed, people were injured, people came armed, there were armed standoffs, shots were fired, and four people died. I condemn these acts of sedition and insurrection. What happened yesterday must be thoroughly investigated and everyone responsible must be held accountable. I support our elected officials in Washington as they consider how to respond to these events.

Many members of Congress and others have proposed Impeachment or invoking the 25th Amendment. I support such action.

One Reply to “Statement on Events in Washington”

  1. Thank you for speaking out against the criminal actions we witnessed yesterday. I want to know why they were so ill prepared for this mob. There should have been national guard on standby. This was not a surprise. If they had been black there would have been armored police lining the Capital steps.

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