The indoor mask mandate was put into place to help limit the spread of coronavirus in our community. If the Mayor lifts the indoor mask mandate, we should still take precautions to prevent a repeat of the increase in community transmission.

With the end of mask mandates we will enter a new phase where you could potentially come into close contact with people without masks. These will include cashiers, wait staff at restaurants, hair dressers, etc. Adopt a “defensive driving” approach – especially if you are immune compromised or have health risks.

Be sure to be fully vaccinated including boosters. Continue to avoid crowds, wash your hands regularly, and continue to wear a mask whether mandated or not. Patronize businesses that take public safety seriously. If possible, patronize businesses such as grocery stores and hair salons that offer cashiers and customer service by people who do wear masks. Avoid crowds, shop at off hours, shop online, etc. If possible, continue to work remotely.

Despite all this, there will remain issues with our youngest children and others who cannot get vaccinated. Some will be able to avoid exposure and infection. And those who do get infected will benefit from effective treatments. But, sadly, some will not.

As we have learned, with coronavirus and COVID, there will never be 100% certainty. But if we act defensively, then maybe we can prevent another resurgence.

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