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The Raleigh Police Protective Association and
The North Carolina Police Benevolent Association
The Raleigh Chapter of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association recently held a series of candidate interviews for those candidates seeking election to the Raleigh City Council for District B. During the interview process, David Cox demonstrated why his experience and values make him uniquely qualified to represent the voters of Raleigh. David also demonstrated to the Raleigh Chapter that he is committed to making strong, effective law enforcement a priority in his campaign. That is why the Raleigh Chapter is proud to endorse David Cox for Council in his re-election bid. A vote for David Cox is a vote for law enforcement!

Raleigh Professional Fire Fighters Association
We are fully aware that if we do not get involved, to help elect candidates who support our issues and the (public safety) issues of the citizens in our community, no one else will do it for us. The RPFFA would like to announce its candidate endorsement and support for David Cox: City Council.

Greg Ford, Wake County Commissioner
I am proud to endorse for reelection to Raleigh’s District B. True servant leadership.

Edie Jeffreys, Member of the Raleigh Planning Commission
I support David Cox for a second term on the Raleigh City Council because he has a proven record of listening to the concerns of his constituents. As a member of the Raleigh Planning Commission, I appreciate that David looks into the issues raised by citizens appearing at our meetings and follows up on concerns voiced when cases are passed from the Planning Commission to the City Council

David and Kimberly Michael, District B Small Business Owners
We support David for Council because he supports neighborhoods and strong neighborhoods are the lifeblood of small businesses like ours.

Erin Crenshaw, Owner , Hoof and Paws Pet Care, LLC
My business is dependent on efficient travel along North Raleigh vehicular corridors to make timely client visits. Smart growth patterns along these corridors, particularly adjacent to neighborhoods, are important to David Cox and he has my continued support.

Shelley Winters, Chair of the Atlantic Citizens Advisory Council
I’m thankful to have such a present and aware councilman who believes in citizen engagement and smart development in our communities like David Cox. Two years ago I was introduced to a man who attends all of our meetings and answers our questions. When he speaks, he fights for his constituency and votes in the best interest of our community and residents. Something I had not seen in this community before.

I’ve lived in District B for nine years and he is the BEST councilman we’ve EVER had. I’m voting to KEEP moving FORWARD, and not looking back.

Cindy Davis, Organizer of the “Coffee House Ministry” at
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

David Cox is a City Council member I wholeheartedly endorse for re-election.   David is not the representative for my district; however, I have observed him over the past year and a half engage his constituents through community meetings and various online formats in ways that make our City a better place to live.  He makes certain the concerns of District B citizens are heard and considered.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know David through his service to The Coffee House Ministry at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  The Coffee House Ministry serves the Triangle community by providing opportunities for special needs adults to have social interaction and activities.   David and his wife, Helen, have served in this ministry as part of our core team for the past 10 years.  David exemplifies the best traits of a public servant in both his private and public life.

John Purves, Retired Attorney
David has proven himself to be a person who carefully listens to people on both sides of an issue and then, after weighing the pros and cons of each position, takes action in a thoughtful, logical and determined manner. He certainly has my endorsement for a second term on city council.

Allan Johnston, retired Planning Director, Greensboro, NC
David has worked to protect neighborhoods throughout Raleigh advocating balanced development consistent with sound planning policies and practices. He will be a voice of reason and compromise on the next City Council

Dr. Alan Tharp, NCSU Alumni Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Emeritus
David will listen and make reasoned and fair decisions. He will work tirelessly to maintain and improve the quality of life in Raleigh.

Gene Senecal, President of the River Oaks HOA
and former CIO, Fujitsu
On behalf of myself and the River Oaks HOA I would like to thank David and to tell him how much our community appreciates the work he has done on their behalf.  His ongoing efforts and commitment to the area residents are testimony to his belief that neighborhoods are the soul of a community.  We are proud to be associated with and grateful to have such a professional and visionary leader like David.  David’s commitment coupled with his organizational skills have been paramount in forging a unified voice and strategy to address the concerns of the area neighborhoods – something that has been lacking for years.  We are proud to endorse his candidacy for city councilor of Raleigh District B.

Michael O’Sullivan, Former President Wood Spring HOA
David, I wholeheartedly endorse your candidacy for City Council.  Your work over the past seven years on behalf of your neighboring communities, one of which is Wood Spring, has kept the area from being overrun with retail and the associated traffic.  As the President of Wood Spring, I have witnessed on many occasions your thoughtful, concise and well reasoned arguments in support of your positions.  As a former Chief Financial Officer in two General Electric subsidiary companies, I have been impressed with your ability to examine the issues and develop a workable plan for addressing them.  I look forward to seeing how you will positively impact the deliberations of the City Council when you join it.

Bob Fry, Real Estate Developer
I support David Cox for re-election to the Raleigh City Council because of his commitment to ensuring the quality and safety of our families through SMART land planning. He has proven for the past term that he will stand up against the special interest groups who only care about stripping our land of their natural vegetation and change zoning uses for land that only promotes more traffic and congestion while encroaching into our watersheds that provides our drinking water.

As a real estate professional for the past 32-years, I’ve developed residential communities with smart land planning that compliments surrounding residential communities, which is why I will back David for re-election. David wants to see land developed, especially for residential uses, but he is an advocate for SMART planning, that considers the safety and quality of life for our families. He’s one of us, who lives in our community and faces the same daily grind traveling to and from work. He understands that traffic congestion has to be managed and through smart land planning we can reduce traffic by planning uses for land that compliments our neighborhoods and promotes pedestrian friendly uses.

I have been amazed at the number of meetings he attends so he can listen to concerns of his constituents, using this as an opportunity to ask questions and understand the concerns and needs of those he serves. He also has a heart for those who daily serve this great City, so he has been a stronger advocate for pay and benefit increases for our City servants.

Ginger Stainback Giddens, District B Resident
I prefer Dr. Cox. His interaction with constituents is amazing. I adore his District B Facebook page! I am more aware of what is going on in Raleigh than I have ever been. And, David wants to know and is responsive to our thoughts, concerns and opinions. He definitely has my support and vote.

Jeannie Inskeep, District B Resident
When I moved into this district I was used to a councillor who cared. Someone who was accessible…so when Mr Odom never responded to concerns I turned to my previous councillor, Thomas Crowder. Despite not representing this district, he stepped up and hit things done. David Cox is such a man and representative. He has responded…immediately..to any concerns we have. Doesn’t matter what dollar area (rich or poor) of the district, we are blessed to have such a responsible, caring person representing us.

From Various Raleigh Citizens
I want you to know your hard work and dedication on behalf of this community have not gone unnoticed.

I have a restored faith that we as homeowners can make a difference.

I am privileged to know such a dedicated individual who has proven to the city that uniting for a cause works.

You are truly serving the folks in your district and going “above and beyond”. Thank you and also thanks to your wife, for supporting your efforts.