Why City Council?

Why City Council?

We regularly read that Raleigh is one of the best places in America to work, live and raise a family.  Everyday about 65 people move into Wake County with many moving into Raleigh. How can we ensure that ten or twenty years from now Raleigh will be as great as it is today?

The key to Raleigh’s future is its citizens.

Raleigh faces many challenges. Clearly, one of the biggest challenges is the rapid pace of growth and change. How we grow and by how much will affect our neighborhoods, homes, and quality of life.

Key to growing responsibly is your involvement. It is YOU who should frame what is the right growth for your neighborhood and for the City.

I am committed to ensuring that you have the opportunities to speak up, be heard, and counted on the issues that are important to you – and especially how Raleigh grows.

I support strong citizen engagement.  I support strong Citizen Advisory Councils – a Raleigh institution for citizen engagement for more than 40 years.  Through Raleigh’s 19 CACs citizens have brought their thoughts and ideas and opinions on a wide range of issues.  But none has been as important as citizens weighing in on development and rezoning.  I am committed to ensuring that your voice will continue to be heard and that your right to vote on these important matters will not be discontinued.

I am running for City Council to ensure that Raleigh’s citizens – all its citizens – have a voice in Raleigh’s future.  Please join me and together, we can grow Raleigh great with a vision that comes from the community and not just those with money and influence!