Benefits of Living in Northeast Raleigh

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There are several benefits to living in the Northeast Raleigh area. For one, property taxes are only about half the rate in Raleigh’s city limits. Another benefit is that the area is growing. There are a number of new developments and residential neighborhoods. There are also several resources for purchasing a home in the Northeast Raleigh area.

Most homes in Northeast Raleigh are under $300,000, and come in all shapes and sizes. These homes are in either family-oriented neighborhoods or golf course communities. The type of neighborhood you choose will depend on your needs. For example, if you are looking for a home in a golf community, you should choose a neighborhood in the northeast part of the city.

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Northeast Raleigh has poor air quality. Many residents are concerned about their health because of the air pollution. To avoid health problems, you should choose a neighborhood where the air quality is clean. There are a number of outstanding neighborhoods in Northeast Raleigh. However, you should keep in mind that some neighborhoods have higher rates. And while the air quality in Northeast Raleigh may be poor, it is still better than the air quality in other parts of the city.

If you like shopping, North Raleigh is a great place to live. The area is home to many retail stores and restaurants. It is also home to many parks, including Shelly Lake Park. A greenway surrounds the lake, which makes it a popular outdoor area. You can also take advantage of pop-up events and local artists’ markets.

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The Northeast Raleigh neighborhood is home to a number of ethnic groups, and a diversity of languages is characteristic of the neighborhood. Most households speak English, although many residents report ancestry in Spanish, German, and Scots-Irish. Almost every household has a car, and many people in the area find it useful for their commutes.

The western part of the city is dominated by the campus of NC State University, a university that covers over 2000 acres and has more than 34,000 students. The campus has grown significantly over the last 20 years. A quick look at Google street view can show how much the neighborhood has changed. Compared to 2007, the area has become much more diverse.

The real estate market in Northeast Raleigh is mixed. Some areas are affordable, while others can be expensive. Some homes on Lake Wheeler Road and Yates Mill Pond Road are very desirable, but they are also expensive. Homes in these areas can sell for well over a million dollars. The price ranges for homes in Northeast Raleigh can range from the low four hundreds to the low six-figure range. For those who are looking for a more rural setting, you can buy a house on the lake for about $825 thousand.

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