Raleigh’s Loose Leaf Pickup Service

Raleigh’s Loose Leaf Pickup Service photo 0 City council

The City of Raleigh is beginning a seasonal loose leaf pickup service for residents on Monday, Nov. 8. Residents are encouraged to collect their leaves near the curb and place them in bags at the curbside for pickup by the city’s leaf truck. During the autumn, the truck will pick up leaves from city streets on a bi-weekly schedule.

This year, the city has had a challenging season with a lack of manpower. The city’s collection team has experienced three back-to-back winter storms, which cut into the number of days that crews could spend collecting leaves. In addition, staffing continues to be a challenge for many businesses. The city typically recruits 20 temporary crew members for leaf pickup, but only five were hired this year. Additionally, 33 city workers are out due to the COVID-19 virus and have been quarantined.

In addition to leaf pickup, the city’s recycling program will collect yard waste. Residents should put their recyclables at the curb before 6 a.m. on the day of the pickup. During cold weather, leaves can freeze and prevent the collection team from completing their work. In this case, residents should wrap branches with a string before placing them in their bags.

For more detailed instructions, see the City of Raleigh’s website. Residents may also use their own lawn mowers to turn leaves into mulch. Residents should avoid making noise during leaf pickup by following the city’s guidelines. The city also encourages residents to compost leaves in the backyard. For more information, visit the city’s backyard composting website.

Some other cities in North Carolina don’t offer loose leaf pickup. For example, Durham, Wilmington, and Asheville do not offer this service. However, Cary, Greensboro, Winston-Saleboro, Fayetteville, and High Point do have leaf pickup services. The City of Raleigh has a lot of oak trees lining the city’s streets. They are large, stately trees that can reach up to 80 feet wide.

Residents in section 12 of the city should prepare their leaves ahead of time to ensure the pickup will be a success. Otherwise, their leaves won’t be collected until the next scheduled collection. Residents should place leaf piles at the curbside by the date indicated on the schedule and be sure to place them away from parked cars, fences, or any other obstructions.

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