Saige Martin, the First Openly LGBTQ Raleigh City Council Member

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Saige Martin is a newly elected Raleigh City Council member. She is the first openly LGBTQ member of the council and an alumnus of NC State University. The accusations against Martin stem from an alleged teaching assistantship at NC State’s College of Design.

Martin, who is openly gay and Latina, is the youngest member of the city council in Raleigh. She ran for office after never having voted in city elections. Her alleged behavior on campus has caused a scandal. She has been accused of harassing a student, and of sexually assaulting four men. When news of her behavior broke, she resigned from her position and skipped town. The council seat was vacant for half a term, and Martin hasn’t answered any questions about the alleged conduct.

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The allegations against Martin have been published in the News & Observer. Four men accuse Martin of sexual misconduct, but Martin denies them. In the article, two of the men allege that Martin sexually assaulted them. Martin was the first openly gay member of the Raleigh City Council and the youngest Latino.

A native of Pennsylvania, Saige Ross grew up in Bucks County and immersed herself in community service, the arts, and activism. She received her undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology from Hawai’i Pacific University and spent time working with the United Nations in New York. Since moving to Raleigh in 2014, Saige has been involved in community organizing and political consulting. In May, she is scheduled to graduate from N.C. State University’s College of Design.

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Martin was elected to represent Southwest Raleigh, including the N.C. State University, and was reelected to the Raleigh City Council in 2019. Baldwin is currently the city’s mayor. The City Council will vote to name a replacement on Tuesday. The process to replace Martin will be consistent with city code. To apply, an individual must be at least 21 years old, reside in District D for 30 days, and be registered to vote in Wake County. The application deadline is Friday at 4 p.m.

Martin’s alleged sexual assaults were revealed after two women contacted The News & Observer and shared their stories. While the allegations against Martin are serious, he denies the allegations in his interview with The N&O. A friend of Cuevas told The N&O that she did not know about the other allegations against him until after her post was published.

Martin texted the student on several occasions, and the student was astonished. She agreed to meet him one-on-one and hoped to be his mentor. During a semester-long meeting, Martin sent the student a text asking him to go out one night. The student was unsure because it was finals time. Martin responded by saying that the professor had reviewed his grades.

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