It’s Time For Josh Hawley to Resign From the Senate

It’s Time For Josh Hawley to Resign From the Senate photo 0 Info

It’s time for Josh Hawley to step down from the Senate. Many of his colleagues are calling for his resignation, and major newspapers are calling for his expulsion. Even his mentor has come out against him, and his book publisher has halted plans to publish it. Some have even called for his formal censure.

Hawley’s resigning could have negative consequences for the administration’s timetables to fill positions in key departments. The move could slow down the timelines for filling the State Department and Pentagon. It also might lead to a lack of consistency in the incoming administration.

As a result, a House select committee should investigate Hawley’s role in the recent events on Capitol Hill. Hawley is a pawn of those trying to bring down our democracy, and should step down. In this way, the Democrats can reclaim their political power. It’s time to put an end to populist politics and bring back our democracy. While some senators may back off their objections, others will not. And Hawley’s shady record is making many voters wonder if he should go away.

Both Hawley and Cruz are under fire from constituents. Cruz endorsed Trump’s failed presidential election challenge, while Hawley was the first senator to object to congressional certification of election results. Hawley is a partisan, China hawk who has spoken out against the erosion of Hong Kong electoral freedoms.

While Hawley’s actions may not block anyone’s nominations, they will slow the process for filling key positions in the Defense and State Departments. This move has led to Democratic attacks on Hawley, accusing him of putting national security at risk. In addition to criticizing the administration, Hawley is also calling for the resignation of several top White House officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The Missouri Senate should punish Hawley for his cynical bet on Trump. His political career has been short, but it’s time for the Missouri Republican Party to punish him for it. Hawley isn’t only a liar; he also told a lie about the presidential election and thinks it’s his job to lie.

While the president has urged Hawley to step down, he has yet to respond directly to the call. It came at the end of the five-hour hearing that featured top Biden advisers. After hours of questioning by both Democrats and Republicans, he dismissed the resigning call as a political stunt and called for Biden to keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

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