How to Take a Good Firefighter Vacation

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A recent fire department rule changes the way vacation days are taken. Now, the city requires firefighters to submit a notice of vacation for 30 days prior to the start of the vacation period. If you’re taking a vacation, you’ll be working on a modified duty schedule of eight hours per day, which means you’ll have less time to complete other duties. As a firefighter, you’re allowed to take up to three days off each year, but it can be difficult to coordinate with your family.

Firefighters are often allowed to trade their vacation time with other firefighters, but they must have the approval of their superiors. They shouldn’t use the traded time to go on vacation by themselves. Instead, combine the time with sick time and personal time. You may also want to trade a portion of your vacation time with other employees who work for your department.

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Some firefighters have more than 100 vacation days on their accounts. For example, one former Fire Chief, Antonio Conte, was listed with a 237.5 compensatory day balance when he abruptly retired in April 2012. The reason for this is that Conte had worked on days off while he was still young.

A recent internal audit by the Stamford fire department uncovered that firefighters were not taking their vacation days according to their expiration dates. The discrepancy stemmed from the city’s outdated system for tracking time and attendance. Fortunately, city officials are now reforming timekeeping across the city. The city’s council recently approved funding for a payroll manager who will monitor records and implement electronic timekeeping for police and fire departments.

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Firefighters often work 12 or eight-hour shifts a day. This schedule allows firefighters to rest longer between shifts and reduces the chances of fatigue. Fatigue can lead to silly mistakes, as well as health problems. This is why firefighters should plan their vacations carefully. When they’re rested, they can concentrate on their duties and not make silly mistakes.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that picking vacation dates depends on the crew’s brotherhood. Some places are all-or-nothing, while others have multiple rounds of picks so that everyone gets their most important days on the calendar. It can even be up to the senior guys to block a full summer or a month of December for themselves.

A fire fighter can take unlimited sick leave if he or she has a valid illness. This sick leave can be used if the person falls ill and is unable to work, or if the illness is caused by their work. The injured person must return to duty in the same rank and seniority.

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